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"Surpassed all my expectations - he literally changed my life!''

''Daniel surpassed all my expectations - he literally changed my life! Now I can feel my body much better, control my breathing, stress level, concentration and focus, feeling healthier and much happier. If you want to become a better, healthier, happier person and even leader I recommend Daniel 100%! I cannot emphasise strongly enough how grateful I am! Thank you Brother!''


Donatas, Lithuania

"Highly recommend for anyone who wants to take their business or personal life to the next level."

''I would highly recommend Daniel services for anyone who wants to take their business or personal life to the next level. He is a gifted teacher with wisdom well ahead of his age. His ability to use breathing, cold immersion, NLP will enable you to get immediate results. Most importantly he cares deeply about people and has such a warm soul / big heart. Truly a wonderful person and I was honored to have meet and have been trained by him.''

Andrew, United States

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"It was an amazing journey I'll never forget!"

''Daniel is a master coach. He gave me so much more than only the teaching the Wim Hof Method, through his authenticity, passion, energy, his calm voice, knowing exactly when to say what and his drive to get the most out of me. It was an amazing journey I’ll never forget. Thanks to Daniel, I have a new toolset to keep me Happy, Strong & Healthy.''

Will, The Netherlands

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"I was able to achieve seemingly impossible results"

''Daniel is an amazing coach and trainer. I had the opportunity to work with him in Poland. Under his leadership, I was able to achieve seemingly impossible results. Not only is he an expert in reaching peak performance but he also makes it a fun

If anyone has the opportunity to work with Daniel, they should work with him ASAP. 100% Recommended '


Steffan, United States

Steffan Usa.jpeg

"Sets things in perspective!...A solid base for the future..."

Daniel is an excellent coach and a great motivator, teaching techniques in an easy understandable way. Daniel often sets things in perspective so you can make your own personal conclusions, all done with an authentic, personal, caring and respectful personality.
With Daniel as my coach, I was given a solid base for future positive changes in my daily life going forward!


Gert Lund, Denmark

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"I was perhaps the hardest to please..."


''I was lucky enough to have Daniel as trainer and coach.

 Daniel brought great knowledge, experience, patience and understanding to our group - all of which were extremely important when you've got 26 people at very different stages of their life and with very different needs. As a facilitator and coach myself (in a different field) I was perhaps the hardest to please, but throughout, Daniel was always there with just the right amount of 'push and pull' to make it an amazing, rewarding experience for me and my team.


Thank you Daniel!'' 

Ben, Asia

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